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E-mail Marketing Platform

I've used: Klavio, MailChimp & Active Campaigns and I can say I absolutely love Omnisend for all my Shopify Stores because of the extremely SIMPLE setup and the quality pre-built templates for the email automations.

If you're looking for Simple & Clean I'd recommend this.



Note Taking Platform

Taking notes & being organized is a big part of my life and it should be for you as well, The best platform I've across to doing this is Evernote. I've used most of the 'top' note taking apps and just feel the most comfortable with Evernotes as it's got a very quick learning curve, simple layout but it's still got so much depth to it if you're looking for more advanced features.

Been using this for so long and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  My recommendation: Stick to ONE app.


Alpha Dynamics

Mushroom Supplement Brand

If you know me.. you know that I'm very into taking care of my health and optimizing it as much as I can / whenever I can.  Alpha Dynamics are the OG's when it comes to the mushroom supplement blends. They have the most potent blends I know of and are run by an pretty awesome team. (even Dave Asprey himself agrees!) 

Check their site if you wanna learn more!



Shopify Theme

Shopify themes can really make or break your e-commerce brand success as you only have those few precious seconds to gain the trust of the customer that lands on your website.

I've tried a bunch of the top Shopify Themes and I'd say stand out at the top not only because of how it looks and feels but that fact it comes with so many useful integrations with it!

The only other one I found that matches this is: Booster Theme    

But I still prefer this one slightly more.


New Affiliate Partner

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