My Story.


My whole family is from a small country called Latvia.

(Yes I can speak Latvian!)

At the time Latvia was pretty rough, in communism and only let Jewish people out of the country.

So my Parents somehow got forged papers that said we are a Jewish family and escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

With the whole world as an option... they decided to 'escape' to Toronto, Canada.

My parents not fully knowing how to speak English, Lived on the streets of Toronto with a Family of 6 for quite some time.
That's when I was born... in Toronto, Canada. (Jan 31, 1991)

Starting from the bottom..


Miracle after miracle combined with a lot of hard work we overcame so much together.

I actually started working full-time at 12 in Construction as a General Contractor.  Crazy I know..  But actually so grateful for it!

Naturally I had to mature very quick and take responsibility to help provide but I'm so thankful for the qualities it built in me and the many lessons I learned a long the way that I can now help others with.

There are just WAY too many amazing testimonies to share here on how God brought me through so many crazy situations! But I can confidently say one thing for sure... GOD IS GOOD!

I've been passionate about self development, business and investing from a young age.

As I was working away in the Construction field I listened to SO many Podcasts & Audiobooks everyday and learned as much as I possibly could with the desire to one day start my own business.

At the beginning of 2020 (Just before Co-Vid really hit) I felt God tell me to quit my Job and go full time in E-Commerce & Marketing.

(Definitely was nervous about it as I really wasn't making money from it at the time)

With an incredible Mentor who helped me through it, I went ahead and took that leap of faith.. I Quit my job!.. Man..  It was so worth it!

I've been moving forward ever since and always excited for what God has in store for me next while being SUPER grateful for all the things he's brought me through already.


A massive / amazing part of my story...

Getting to marry my dream girl Katie Ziedins!!

Our Surprise Engagement Video:  

It's truly been the best times of my life with her!


Check out her amazing work here: Katie Nicolle Photography

Among many things we are both super passionate about our faith and really got to know each other in the early years ministering on the streets of Hamilton & Toronto.

Getting to experience God's power together, see many salvations, healings, deliverances and peoples lives completely change on the streets has entirely shifted our focus on Jesus and living out his will for our last (Truly the most exciting adventure!).

For more info on that:  





I'm excited to share the rest of this journey with you guys!


Thank you so much for all the support & for connecting with me!

- Daniel