My Tech List

 I love using Tech to express my creativity.

Here is my current Setup:

  • gopro hero 7 black action camera

    I currently use this for all my YouTube Videos, Vlogs ect.. Absolutely love it! Only down side i would say is the Audio Recording on it is not as good as it could be..

  • dell xps 13 laptop

    I’ve had this Laptop for about 5 Years now and it has treated me well! No problems with it.. and the small size of it is my favourite part! (Not good for Gaming though)

  • mac mini + 17” samsung monitor

    My Main computer setup for quite sometime.. Can’t go wrong with a Mac.. and the Samsung Display is a nice touch.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Feels like i JUST got this phone and the next version is ALREADY out! Thats the phone world for ya.. I Love this phone though! Such a Powerhouse.