Useful Tools.

This is where i will list all my favourite tools for either getting work done, being more productive, creating content, getting organized or learning new things ect.. I hope that you can find value in this list and that it can help you in your journey too! (Links are my Affiliates as well.. Thank you so much! - Daniel)

  • Fiverr

    Definitely my favourite platform to find good quality work done for you at usually a cheap price! Whether you are looking for a graphic designer, Web Builder, Someone to manage your Social Media and Soo many other services.. you will find it here!

  • Printful

    This is the platform that i use to design and sell Apparel for all my brands, From what i know.. it is one of the best Print on Demand platforms out there and they treat me well.

  • Blinkist

    The way this app works is: It takes / breaks down only the ‘Highlights’ from tons / a continually updated list of books and provides it in text and audio! Looove using this to learn so much in so little time. Such a great idea!